Wanna fight a humongous monster that’s eaten all the pizzas on a planet? 

No problem. 

Wanna be an explorer who discovers a mountain made of marshmallows? 

Easy peasy! 

When you make a movie with us, you actually MAKE A MOVIE!

Charter Schools

Summer Camp

In our Movie-Making Summer camp, campers will be mentored throughout the week with tailored instruction based on their skill set while interacting with young aspiring filmmakers across the nation.Individual films will be screened on the last day of camp to share with friends and family and featured on the The Daydreamer’s Academy YouTube channel.

Perfect for ages 8-17. No prerequisites are necessary. No professional level equipment is required - just a smartphone or tablet, and ability to use Zoom meetings.

Become a filmmaking superstar! Create your own unique film for YouTube and boost your movie producing skills. Over one month student's will brainstorm, write, shoot, direct, and act in a film that is truly of your making with the guidance of industry professionals every step of the way. Live Zoom sessions provide tailored instruction for participant’s age and skill set. The Daydreamer's Movie-Making Class is not a “how-to” course, it’s a “do” experience!

Perfect for ages 8-17.  No prerequisites are necessary. We encourage all levels of filmmakers and storytellers to join us! Smartphone or tablet, and ability to use Zoom meetings required.

For our charter school families, our Movie-Making classes are perfect! We have worked with student's across many charter schools, including Inspire, iLead, Epic, Heartland, and more! 

Please refer to your homeschool teacher to see if we are an approved vendor with your school! If not, please don't hesitate to request!

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