One Day Workshop

In just  three hours, turn your doodles into animated characters and place them in a scene of your choosing in our Animation Workshop! Utilizing live zoom instruction, attendees will work with a storyteller and watch their creations come alive in front of their eyes.

Students will brainstorm a character, draw the character in pieces, submit it to the workshop host, then record their character’s lines set to a predetermined scene. By the end of the day you’ll receive the scene, so you can show off to your family and friends!

If you love drawing, have ever been interested in animation, or just want to have some fun on a Saturday morning, this is the workshop for you! Perfect for ages 8-17.Each seat is $50. Workshop starts at 9am and runs until 12pm.

Summer Camps

The Daydreamer's Animation Summer Camp teaches the magic of animation to campers as they create their very own cartoon characters. Utilizing live zoom instruction and various mediums to design unique characters, each will be brought to life using campers’ own voices and Motion Capture Animation creating an individualized short animated film.

Films will be screened on the last day of camp to share with friends and family and will be featured on The Daydreamer’s Academy YouTube channel.Perfect for ages 8-17.No prerequisites are necessary. No professional level equipment is required - just a smartphone or tablet, and ability to use Zoom meetings.

Charter Schools

Over the course of a month, students will create their own cartoon by diving deep into the storytelling and character development side of production. Student's meet twice a week and will have more time to develop their characters and stories, and get more time to voice acting. At the end of the session, we hold a Daydreamer's Film Festival that shows off all the great cartoons! Perfect for ages 8-17. $250 for 8 classes, meeting on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Times available for both East and West coast families!

Our Animation classes are perfect for Charter school student's looking for a more long-term experience! We have worked with student's across many charter schools, including Inspire, iLead, Epic, Heartland, and more!Please refer to your homeschool teacher to see if we are an approved vendor with your school! If not, please don't hesitate to request!

We also offer private classes for those looking for a tailored experience! We meet for 8 classes based on a schedule you create! Whole session is $300.

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